We believe that the next great idea can come from anywhere or anyone

Educational Programs

Low in cost, high in awesome. If you aren’t having fun when learning, it’s because you aren’t here.

Business solutions

Contact our team of highly trained problem assassins to find and eliminate any issues within your company.

Parties &space rental

Bridal showers, corporate meetings, and birthday parties. If you can come up with it, we can probably host it.

Welcome to our website!

Summer camps, evening classes, beginning and advanced tutorials in a variety of courses; Simply put, we care about education without compromising fun. And we don’t mean the ordinary “Oh, we promote people’s creativity so they’re entertained!” We help bolden your creativity because that’s what matters. If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. And no one is going to create your dream, only you. This place is the Hogwarts for muggles. Come in a human and leave a digital wizard.

About Us

CTC is a unique, creative learning hub, committed to the exploration and development of self-reliant digital literacy. Our goal is to expose the community to the digital world and empower our members to embrace the technology of today and tomorrow.

The center was founded on the values of collaboration, open communication & community. It was created with the purpose of being a resource for all things digital. We are committed to promoting self-reliant digital literacy in members of all ages and skill levels. From the digital arts to personal and business technology, we have programming in virtually every area of the digital world. Unlike other technology classes, we focus on your needs in order to empower you to fulfill your goals.

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    In life, we are presented with two options: We can either build our dream or...
  • A New Graphic Artist!

    Today we welcome Scott Dubar on board at CTC! An experienced graphic artist who has...
  • The Best Dart Game

    Today we have successfully allocated a Phoenix Dartboard which will soon be placed inside our...
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